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SLC FanX Con 2014

(Jump to the intro info about the Comic Con Tangram Packs by clicking here.)

This was the 1st Comic Con we attended.

Comic Con Meme
Tangram Image SLC-FanX-2014-SW-Vader-vs-Hulk

SLC FanX 2014

Hot on the heels of a very successful SLC Comic Con, they held a Fan Experience, or FanX...

Tangram Pack

This is a sample of the puzzles included in the tangram pack given out at SLC FanX 2014.

Tangram Image SLC FanX 2014 Pack
Tangram Image SLC FanX 2014 Micky Dolenz of the Monkees Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-Nufers-Roger Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-Ioan Gruffudd Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-Ioan
Micky Dolenz
Roger Jackson (a.k.a. Yoda)
Ioan Gruffudd
Ioan Gruffudd
Tangram Image SLC FanX 2014 -Howard-0132 Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-Jason-Lively Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-Zach Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-Knight-of-Ni
Howard Taylor
Jason Lively
Zach Galligan
Knight of Ni
Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-ST-Karl-Urban Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-ST-Karl-Urban-2 Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-SW-Nufers-DSC Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-SW-Nufers-DSC1
Karl Urban
Karl Urban
Star Wars Pose
Epic Star Wars Struggle
Tangram Image 0102-SLC-FanX-2014-SW-Billy-Dee-Williams-DSC-6445 Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-SW-Billy-Dee-Williams-DSC-6440 Tangram Image 0202-SLC-FanX-2014-SW-Boba-Jeremy-Bulloch Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-SW-Boba-Daniel-Logan
Billy Dee Williams
Billy Dee Williams
Jeremy Bulloch
Daniel Logan
Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-STNG DSC_6492 Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-STNG-Brent-Spiner Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-STNG-Crew Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-STNG-Jonathan-Frakes
Brent Spiner
Data & Lor
Jonathan Frakes
Tangram Image SLC 02-SLC-FanX-2014-STNG-Stewart-&-Crowd Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-STNG-Stewart Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-STNG-Stewart-1 Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-SW-Bobas
Patrick Stewart & Crowd
Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart
Both Boba Fetts
Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-Studio-C-DSC-6531 Tangram Image 0202-SLC-FanX-2014-Studio-C-DSC-6536 Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-Studio-C-DSC-6537 Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-Studio-C-Jeremy
Studio C
Studio C
Studio C
Studio C
Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-Studio-C-Josh Tangram Image 02-SLC-FanX-2014-Who-TARDIS
Studio C