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SLC FanX 2016

(Jump to the intro info about the Comic Con Tangram Packs by clicking here.)

SLC FanX 2016
Tangram Image Buzz Aldrin Takes 1st Space Selfie
Buzz Aldrin explained that during a spacewalk, he decided to point the camera at himself. He said this resulted in the first "space selfie".

SLC FanX 2016

The big news for SLC FanX 2016 was that Buzz Aldrin, THE Buzz Aldrin would be coming. This was unbelievably exciting. He was on the Apollo 11 mission that was the first to land on the moon. Upon gazing at the new horizon, he called it, "Magnificent desolation!" When we posed with him, we brought our American flag, as that seemed highly appropriate. That flag is now very special to us. Even the little one that we also brought is now treasured.

When we met Alex Kingston, the family behind us in line had an infant dressed like River Song. Alex saw her and laughed. She enjoyed the pack and remembered it when we posed with her in the photo the next day. Summer Glau was remarkably gracious about receiving her pack. Grey DeLisle gave us each a hug when she got hers.

An unexpected highlight was being able to meet Stewart Petersen who had been in "Where the Red Fern Grows," but even more notably for me, "The First Vision." Next to his booth was Gary Lockwood, who had been in one of the first episodes of Star Trek. He challenged us to solve a puzzle of moving 3 quarters and 2 dimes from being alternated to being grouped, in 5 moves or less, while moving two adjacent coins at a time. It wasn't until later that we figured it out, but we did solve it.

Jonathon was so awestruck by meeting LeVar Burton, that he had a "Community moment" in which he couldn't speak, so I explained that to LeVar, who understood and laughed. I had been able to talk to LeVar in his panel and thank him for his work. George Takei was very personable and encouraging, saying that I needed to get up on stage and advertise my tangram packs. He saw our photo and asked to be able to sign it for us.

Tangram Pack

This is a sample of the puzzles included in the tangram pack given out at SLC FanX 2016.

Tangram Image SLC Comic Con 2016 Pack
Tangram Image SLC FanX Buzz Aldrin Tangram Image SLC FanX Alex Kingston Tangram Image George Takei
Buzz Aldrin
Alex Kingston
George Takei
Tangram Image Summer Glau Tangram Image Grey DeLisle Tangram Image Gillian Anderson
Summer Glau
Grey DeLisle
Gillian Anderson
Tangram Image LeVar Burton Tangram Image Stewart Petersen Tangram Image Gary Lockwood
LeVar Burton
Stewart Petersen
Gary Lockwood
Tangram Image Bill Farmer Tangram Image Bill Farmer Tangram Image Curtis Armstrong
Bill Farmer
Bill Farmer
Curtis Armstrong
Tangram Image Peter Davison Tangram Image Mitch Pileggi Tangram Image Dean Cain
Peter Davison
Mitch Pileggi
Dean Cain
Tangram Image Don Shanks
Don Shanks