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SLC Comic Con 2016

(Jump to the intro info about the Comic Con Tangram Packs by clicking here.)

Doug Tries to Remember the "Silence"
Tangram Image SLC Comic Con 2016 Doug Tries to Remember the Silence

SLC Comic Con 2016

The big news for SLC Comic Con 2016 was that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) would be coming. Word has it that he had been filming in Utah and Carrie Fisher, who had been to SLC Comic Con, told him that it was a lot of fun and he ought to go. He was already scheduled for a Con in Canada that weekend, but agreed to go for Thursday. They held his panel in the arena where the Utah Jazz play basketball, in hopes of fitting all who wanted to attend. William Shatner also spoke at that panel. Unfortunately, it was too early in the day for me to bring my kids, so although our SLC Comic Con passes allowed us entry, we weren't able to attend.

Josh gave Mark the Tangram Pack, and he REALLY seemed to enjoy it. I guess you could say that the pack is Jedi approved! The first puzzle in the pack is Luke Skywalker on a speeder bike.

Unfortunately for us, the con had MANY celebrities who we had met at previous cons. While it was fun to see them again, it's always fun to meet new people, too. This also meant that there weren't many new photos to take.

Jeremy Bullock was fun to talk with again. After giving him a tangram pack, he smiled and gave me a special card that he likes to give out as a thank you. Evanna was very happy to get her pack. She thought it was only for the photo. When we told her she could keep it, she said she loves tangram puzzles. Jim Beaver was fun and funny with his, too, tossing it to an aid who missed it, to which he laughed, "He misses everything!"

Tangram Pack

This is a sample of the puzzles included in the tangram pack given out at SLC Comic Con 2016.

Tangram Image SLC Comic Con 2016 Pack
Tangram Image SLC Comic Con Jeremy Bullock Tangram Image SLC Comic Con Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker on Hoth Tangram Image 2016 Cosplayer of The Greatest American Hero
Jeremy Bullock
Mark Hamill
Cosplayer of The Greatest American Hero
Tangram Image 2016-SLC-Jim Beaver Tangram Image 2016 Evanna Lynch Tangram Image 2016 Arthur Darvill
Jim Beaver
Evanna Lynch
Arthur Darvill