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Welcome to the World of Tangram Fury Cut-and-Solve Tangram Magnets!

The Tangram Fury Tangram Magnets are great to use to solve puzzles. No plugs, no charging, no apps, no batteries needed. Just place them on the fridge or some other metallic surface and you're ready for hours of fun! (Actually, you can use these on a table, desk, or any other flat surface, if you aren't worried about trying to get them to stick to anything...) Each color Tangram Fury Tangram Magnet is only $4.99!

Just cut these out and solve them. They make great stocking stuffers!

Choose From These Awesome Puzzles

Just $4.99 each.

Tangram-Fury-Magnet-TARDIS Tangram-Fury-Magnet-Millennium-Falcon Tangram-Fury-Magnet-Princess-Leia Tangram-Fury-Magnet-Elsa-the-Ice-Princess Tangram-Fury-Magnet-Angel-Moroni
Millennium Falcon
Angel Moroni
Tangram-Fury-Magnet-Christmas-Baby-Jesus-in-the-Manger Tangram-Fury-Magnet-Christmas-Mary-at-the-Manger-The-Madonna Tangram-Fury-Magnet-Christmas-Elf-&-Christmas-Candle Tangram-Fury-Magnet-Christmas-Elf-&-Christmas-Tree
The Madonna
Elf with Candle
Elf with Tree
Tangram-Fury-Magnet-Christmas-Santa's-Sleigh Tangram-Fury-Magnet-Christmas-Santa's-Reindeer Tangram-Fury-Magnet-Christmas-Santa-Claus
Santa's Sleigh
Santa Claus

More Tangram Fun

There are several ways to find tangrams to build. There are Cards,Tangram Packs, and even the competitive tabletop game that got all this started: Tangram Fury! Browse this site and see what else might be of interest for yourself at home, or for school. Thanks for coming, and enjoy your visit!