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Welcome to the World of Tangram Fury Print-and-Play Activity eBooks!

These Print-and-Play Activity eBooks launched on 11/12/13

To see the press release, click here. Go to Tangram eBooks page by clicking here. Go to Products page by clicking here.

All of the puzzles in any of these Tangram Print-and-Play Activity ebooks can be built with the same 7 pieces of the Tangram Puzzle.
Tangram Fury Print-and-Play Activity eBook Tangram Fury Print-and-Play Activity Chess eBook Tangram Fury Print-and-Play Activity Christmas eBook
Tangram Fury Print-and-Play Activity Paradox 1 eBook Tangram Fury Print-and-Play Activity Paradox 2 eBook

These Tangram Print-and-Play Activity ebooks are filled with fun and innovative activities that involve tangrams. are sets of tangrams that have common themes. The vast majority of these images have been created specifically for the Tangram Packs on this site. Every single image in ALL of the Print-and-Play Activity ebooks can be produced with the exact same 7 puzzle pieces of a traditional tangram.

All of these eBooks are $3.99, except for the 2D Chess ebook. It is only $0.99, because it is a mini ebook. The majority of the Chess ebook's contents are in the Tangram Fury Activity Book. The 2D Chess Book is provided for those who only what the Chess and Checkers activities.

Orders for these Print-and-Play Activity ebooks will be fulfilled You are welcome to print the activities multiple times, so long as the copies stay within the immediate family that purchased the eBook. As with any creative work, a lot of time and effort went into creating these, and we'd appreciate it if you don't forward the ebooks round in e-mails, or post them to websites, and such. Thanks!

Watch for additional Print-and-Play Activity eBooks as more themes and images are created.