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Tangram Fury Puzzle Game in action!

Tangram Fury has arrived!

Tangram Fury

View a quick video on how to play Tangram Fury.

Tangram Fury Game

Classic Edition
(4 puzzles):

Normally $29.99

Christmas Special:


Tangram Fury Deluxe Game

Deluxe Edition
(8 puzzles):

Normally $39.99

Christmas Special:


News About Tangram Fury

Press Release:

Tangram Fury to be Featured on NewsWatch TV on Discovery Channel

On 12/11/15, Peepsock Press, LLC, announced that it will be featured on NewsWatch TV on Discovery Channel. NewsWatch is a long time program that has been running since 1994 and features cutting edge products and announcements.

Press Release:

Peepsock Press Launches a New Line of Tangram Fury Paperback Books

Tangram Fury: Tangram Fury Paperback Books

On 7/8/15, Peepsock Press, LLC, announced that it has launched a new series of Tangram Fury Paperback Books. This first edition of these books include a series 18 themed tangram books with puzzles to solve, information about tangrams, a Tangram Matching Game, and more.

Press Release:

NuFun Games Launches Tangram Fury Print-and-Play Activity eBooks

Tangram Fury: Tangram Print-and-Play Activity eBooks

On 11/12/13, Peepsock Press, LLC, announced that it has launched a new series of Tangram Print-and-Play Activity eBooks. These ebooks include a series of tangram-related activities that range from solving puzzles to tangram chess to tangram Christmas ornaments.

Press Release:

NuFun Games Launches Tangram Fury Expansion Card Decks

Tangram Fury: Tangram Expansion Card Decks

On 11/12/13, NuFun Games, announced that it has launched a new line of Tangram Expansion Card Decks. These cards can be used separately, or added to the Tangram Fury game.

Press Release:

NuFun Games, creator of Tangram Fury, Announces their Daily Tangram initiative

Tangram Fury: Daily Tangram

On 12/12/12, NuFun Games, a division of Peepsock Press, LLC, announced that it has created a new online puzzle game called the Daily Tangram. This new product line will be made available online from the Daily Tangram page.

The Mining Gazette:

Commemorating the U.P. On 6/2/2012, the Mining Gazette, published in Houghton, Michigan, carried an article about the "Yooper Pack" version of Tangram Fury. A "Yooper" is a person who lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, or "U.P." The Yooper Pack is dedicated to shapes that help highlight some of the fun quirks of living in the U.P. from mosquitos to outhouses to Zambonis to the great outdoors. It's a beautiful place in all four seasons with amazing fall colors and horrendous amounts of snow in the winter that make for hundreds of miles of excellent snowmobile tracks. The article points out that this was Doug's nod of gratitude to the unique place where he grew up and still considers "home".

Tangram Fury Souvenir Pack Yooper Pack Tangram Fury Souvenir Pack Hawaii

Press Release:

Peepsock Press Announces New Product Line Offshoot of Tangram Fury

On 5/2/12, Peepsock Press released the above press release about the launching of the new product line of Tangram Fury Souvenir Packs. These packs can be made available in gift shops, tradeshows, and online. They make great travel packs, but also include a themed souvenir card to commemorate special sites.

Product Review on the Father Geek site:

"Father Geek" had this to say about Tangram Fury:

Sitting down and relaxing while working on a puzzle has been an enjoyable and relaxing pastime for generations. BORING! It's time to kick those puzzle skills up a notch and get your mind and fingers racing as you attempt to complete a Tangram puzzle before the other players do! You'll need razor-sharp focus, nimble fingers, and a mind like a steel trap in order to win this game! It's time to separate the puzzle "builders" from the puzzle "players!" See the full review here.

Press Release:

Peepsock Press Announces Creation of NuFun Games with Launch of Tangram Fury

On 11/11/11, Peepsock Press released the above press release about the launching of Tangram Fury. Doug was interviewed for the article and provided several interesting insights into the purpose and value of the game.


Laid-off Provo man turns his severance into original game

On November 9, 2011, Sam Penrod of KSL News TV came to Doug's home to interview him and learn his story. He found Doug's living room filled wall to wall with boxes of cards, puzzles and game boxes, as his front room had been turned into a make-shift factory for assembling the game.

This had become somewhat of a necessity as the game's cards did not come back from the press sorted. There are 200 cards per game. There were 1,000 games produced for its first run. This meant that there were 200,000 cards that needed to be sorted. Most of the time spent sorting cards is done in the living room. Once a week, Doug's extended family drops by to have a "card sorting party". On these occassions, tables are set up throughout the main floor of the house as it becomes a busy enterprise of sorting, collating and collection of cards.

The cards are only the most prevelant item to be accounted for. The 8-sided dice offered their own, unique challenge. They came blank. Doug and his wife, and one of his daughter's spent night after night stickering the 8-sided dice with red, blue, green and yellow stickers. All of this was done by hand, with meticulous attention to detail, to ensure the stickers were put on straight.

In all, there are nearly a quarter of a million components going into the first edition of Tangram Fury. This includes a small business card, hand-signed by Doug, congratulating and thanking those who are able to buy one of the first editions of the game.

Fongo Bongo Games:

Fongo Bongo Games Opening Launches Tangram Fury

Fongo Bongo Games invited Doug to bring Tangram Fury to the opening of their Riverton store to celebrate its launch there. Tangram Fury was demoed and played and made available for sale there for the first time in public on the night of 11/11/11.