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Welcome to the World of Tangram Fury Expansion Card Decks!

These Expansion Decks Launched on 11/12/13

To see the press release, click here. Go to Products page by clicking here.

All of the puzzles in any of these Tangram Card Decks can be built with the same 7 pieces of the Tangram Puzzle. Each Tangram Fury Expansion Deck costs $9.50.

12 Days of Christmas Tangram Card Deck Alphabet Tangram Card Deck Americana Tangram Card Deck Hawaii Tangram Card Deck Nativity Tangram Card Deck Numbers Tangram Card Deck
Americana Deck

Sold Out

Numbers Deck

Sold Out

Outdoors Tangram Card Deck Science Tangram Card Deck Sports Tangram Card Deck Utah Tangram Card Deck Western Tangram Card Deck Yooper Tangram Card Deck

These Tangram Expansion Card Decks are sets of tangram cards that have common themes. The vast majority of these images have been created by NuFun games for the Tangram Fury products. Every single image in ALL of the tangram expansion card decks can be produced with the exact same 7 puzzle pieces that constitute a traditional tangram square.

Each Tangram Expansion Card Deck was designed to include 24 cards. Some of them include a bonus card, largely because there were so many fun designs for that theme. The Alphabet expansion card deck has 26 cards, of course, so that it can cover each letter of the alphabet. Watch for additional tangram expansion card decks as more themes and images are created. Each of the Tangram Expansion Card Decks sell for $9.50

Tangram Expansion Card Decks

What are Tangram Expansion Card Decks?

Tangram Expansion Card Decks are sets of fun tangram cards that can be used solo, or added to the Tangram Fury game. As with the cards in the Tangram Fury game, these cards are color coded. The red cards represent "Objects and Shapes." The blue cards represent "Sea & Sky" or birds and fish. The yellow cards represent "People." The green cards represent "Animals." Because each expansion card deck follows a theme, there is NOT an even number of each card type in each card deck. For example, each letter of the alphabet is considered and "object," so ALL of the cards in that tangram expansion card deck are red.

Each card in the tangram expansion card decks is 2-sided. The one side has a puzzle that is in "Fan" mode. This side of the card shows the tangram puzzle with its solution. The other side has the puzzle in "Expert" mode. It shows only a black silhouette of the tangram puzzle. Both types of puzzles can be fun to solve, especially if you are competing against friends or even just the clock.

You can make your own tangram puzzle pieces to solve these puzzles, or you can order foam tangrams at the bottom of this page.

Sports Tangram Card Deck Front Sports Tangram Card Deck Back


Tangram Fury: Tangram Puzzles

by NuFun Games

These foam tangram puzzles are approx. 1/4" thick and form a 5" square. These are the same puzzles used in the Tangram Fury game and the many Tangram Packs. They can be used to create all of the Daily Tangram puzzles as well as any tangrams depicted on this site, and thousands of other tangrams, including ones of your own design.

Three Colors to Choose From

Daily Tangram: Tangram Puzzle Red Daily Tangram: Tangram Puzzle Yellow Daily Tangram: Tangram Puzzle Green

Red Puzzle


Yellow Puzzle


Green Puzzle