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All of the puzzles in any of these Books can be built with the same 7 pieces of a standard Tangram Puzzle.
01 Blue Tangram Alphabet Book 02 Green Tangram Christmas Book 03 Red Tangram Christmas Activity Book 04 Yellow Tangram Numbers Book 05 Orange Tangram Summer Sports Book 06 Brown Tangram Farm Book 07 Black Tangram Sci Fi Book
01 Blue Tangram Aquatic Book 01 Green Tangram Yooper Book 01 Red Tangram Parks & Sites Book 01 Yellow Tangram Science Book 12 Orange Tangram Paradox Book 13 Brown Wild West Tangram Fury Book 14 Black Tangram Fury Comic Con Book
15 Blue Aviary Tangram Fury Book 16 Green Animal Tangram Fury Book 17 Red Winter Sports Tangram Fury Book 18 Yellow Hawaii Tangram Fury Book

Each book costs $9.99

Each book includes information regarding the origin and fundamentals of tangrams. The main portion of the book includes themed puzzles to solve. Those themes - the Wild West, Numbers, Sports, Christmas and so forth - can be seen below. Each full-page puzzle is first shown in silhouette (or expert mode), so that the puzzler can work to solve them. The solutions (or fan mode) are shown on the back side of the page.

The main section of the book is followed by a bonus section that includes cards for a tangram matching game. Each book's set of cards can be combined with those of the other books to create an expanding deck of cards. The cards are also arranged in the book such that they could be photocopied onto colored paper and used with the main and original Tangram Fury competitive puzzle game, or standalone for the Tangram Fury Matching Game.

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NOTE: If you'd like to order multiple books, click the "Buy Now" button of the first. This will take you to the ordering page, which should already be populated for ordering 1 book. Leaving that alone, click the "Back" button in your browser. This will take you back to this page for selecting an additional book. Click the "Buy Now" button for the next book you'd like to order. When you've selected your final book through its "Buy Now" button, follow the options on the CreateSpace site for finalizing your order. Doing this will combine the shipping charges for the books, which will overall lower shipping charge per book. (The shipping charge may cost more overall, but it will cost less per book than if the books were ordered separately.)

These Tangram Books contain tangrams that have common themes. The vast majority of these images have been created specifically for the Tangram Packs and Books on this site. Every single puzzle in ALL of the Books can be produced with the exact same 7 tans (puzzle pieces) of a traditional tangram.

Watch for additional Books as more themes and images are created.