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Tangram Fury Movie and Television Tangram Packs

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All of the puzzles in any of these Packs can be built with the same 7 pieces of the Tangram Puzzle.
Solutions to FanX Tangram Fury Tangram Pack Solutions to ComiCon SLC Tangram Fury Tangram Pack Solutions to SLC Comic Con 2014 Tangram Fury Tangram Pack Solutions to Fantasy Con SLC Tangram Fury Tangram Pack Solutions to Mythbusters Tangram Fury Tangram Pack Solutions to Duck Commander Tangram Fury Tangram Pack

These Tangram Packs were made for celebrities and guests at various functions such as Comic Con and Fantasy Con. You can see photos of several of these interesting and dynamic people by clicking here.

These weren't originally intended for sale, but combining requests and a few extras, they're being made for sale from this page while supplies last.

Comic Con FanX SLC Pack

This is the latest pack made specifically for a SLC FanX Comic Con. This is a smaller con, with fewer celebrities, but those who are coming are pretty cool. The include Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Billie Piper, Tom Felton, Carrie Fisher, Steven Yeun, Christopher Lloyd, Nichelle Nichols, Anthony Michael Hall, Ralph Macchio, Glenn Morshower, Alaina Huffman, Jim Cummings, Mark Pellegrino, Ray Park, Brandon Routh, and more.

Tangram Fury FanX Tangram Pack

Here is a list of the tangrams that made it into this pack.:
Princess Leia holding a blaser, the Falcon, Darth Maul, Bobblehead Princess Leia,
The Karate Kid, a Klingon Ship, Sonic Screwdriver, DeLorean Time Machine, Doc Brown
The TARDIS, Doctor's bow tie, Doctor's fez, Weeping Angel, a Dalek
Naga, Fire Bender, Uhura at her console, Serenity, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Draco playing Quidditch, Draco casting a spell, Superman, Supernatural Angel, Griwold's Car
with Grandma up top, Winnie the Pooh, V, The Stargate, Lost's Jacob's Rocking Chair
and just for grins an overweight Superman

Comic Con SLC Pack

This was the first pack made specifically for a Comic Con. There were lots of theories and rumors about who would be coming. There were celebrities from Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Batman, Superman, the Walking Dead, and such. In a couple of cases, tangrams were included for people it would have been fun if they came, but they weren't even on the rumor list, such as Ringo Starr.

Tangram Fury Comic Con Tangram Pack

Here is a list of the tangrams that made it into this pack.:
The Falcon, The Enterprise Profile, The Enterprise Top View, Klingon Bird of Prey,
Mockingjay, a Weeping Angel, R2, a Borg ship, a Romulan Warbird, A Dalek,
a Sonic Screwdriver, the TARDIS, a spoof: Vader Attacking a Borg ship,
Vader's ship, a Zombie, a Walking Dead Zombie, a Zombie Casualty, Boba / Jango Fett,
Boba's / Jango's Helmet, Hunger Games archer, Mockingjay with an arrow,
a Phaser, Batman's Alfred, the Bat Signal, Micky Dolenz playing drums,
Superman flying, an overweight Superman, Spiderman hanging upside down,
a Yellow Submarine

Comic Con SLC 2014 Pack

This was quick a hodgepodge of celebrities coming from such unrelated shows as "I Dream of Jeannie," "Napoleon Dynamite," "The Princess Bride," "Doctor Who," and more. I looked forward to meeting Danny Glover and wasn't disappointed. Cary Elwes was also quite impressive in how he took a personal interest in each guest. The tangram of Stan Lee, who returned, was a tribute to his previous year's visit. During his previous panel, he was in a tall director's chair and didn't have a good place to rest his feet. Eventually, someone gave him their chair, which he promptly used as a footstool to the delight of the crowd. He was very gracious. The tangram is based on a photo of him sitting with his feet up on the donated chair.

Tangram Fury Comic Con 2014 Tangram Pack

Tangrams in this pack include:
A Dalek, the Tick, Stan Lee at his 2013 SLC Panel, Loki, Spiderman hanging upside down,
Robin Hood in Tights, Chi-Fu, a DeLorean, Doc Brown, Napoleon Dynamite's happy hands,
Once Upon a Time's Handheld Magic Mirror, the Dread Pirate Robert, Fencing, the Evil Dead,
The Enterprise's profile, a Ghostbuster, Firefly's Serenity ship, Lonesome Dove Cowboy Hat,
Jeannie's Bottle, Hulk Hogan, the TARDIS, Mythbusters, Arrow, Hercules fighting,
Gollum and Mt. Doom, Azog, a Fat Batman, Kronk, and the Incredible Hulk.

Fantasy Con 2014 Pack

Fantasy Con was a new convention set up to rival SLC Comic Con. It's biggest stars were several from the Lord of the Rings films. Sean Astin, John Rhys-Davies, and Billy Boyd came, as well as actors of 6 of the dwarfs from the Hobbit, and the wizard Radagast (who was also the 6th Doctor on Doctor Who). Another big draw was Christopher Judge who was a perrenial favorite in Stargate. I heard that the convention didn't go well due to low attendance and rookie errors by the creators leaving several of the stars with less than stellar experiences. I was sorry to hear that. All the ones I talked with were class acts and left us with strong impressions and fun memories.

Tangram Fury Fantasy Con 2014 Tangram Pack

Most of the tangrams in this pack were from the LOTRs films. They included:
Gimli, the Enterprise, the Enterprise in profile, Sam & the Phial of Galadriel,
the Stargate, Teal'c, a Stargate pyramid, a Nazgul Rider, an Orc Archer, Radagast's Sled,
a Nazgul flying, a fighting dwarf, Smaug, the One Ring on a chain, a dwarf in a barrel,
a second dwarf in a barrel, a third dwarf in a barrel, Azog, a Corsair ship, Orthanc Tower,
the Tower of Barad-dur, Mt. Doom, a Supernatural angel, Dean's '67 Chevy Impala, a Dalek,
the Doctor's Hat, a Sonic Screwdriver, the TARDIS, and the Lost Ark.

Mythbusters Pack

When it was announced that Grant Imahara from Mythbusters would be coming to SLC Comic Con, the idea of making a Mythbusters Tangram Pack was hard to stop. Originally, I was going to give Grant packs for each of the Mythbusters stars, but between the time of making the pack and attending the convention, it was announced that Tory, Grant, and Cary would no longer be on the show. I'd still like to get them their packs, sometime...

All of the tangrams in this pack deal with the various myths they've busted. One I was hesitant to include was a cannon, because I know they had at least one public mishap with the cannon. In the end, I decided to include it.

Tangram Fury Mythbusters Tangram Pack

The tangrams in this pack include:
Buster, Llunar Landing myths, archery myths, candle myths, a great TV show, Newton's apple, a sadden mythbuster after a failed experiment, cannon myths, a microscope, a bomb shelter, diaper myths, Ben Franklin myths, lightning myths, sharpshooter myths, an A-OK confirmation, bedtime myths, a mythbuster looking through a microscope, exploding myths, submarine myths, frozen turkey myths, car myths, boat myths, snowmobile myths, rushing with a specimen, mythbusting casualty, mythbuster outswiming a shark, Christmas myths, and a passed out mythbuster.

Duck Commander Pack

I had actually seen a scene from a Duck Dynasty show while channel surfing one day, but didn't know what it was. Later, thanks to a Black Friday deal, I landed seasons 1-3 for $10. My family and I watched it and were hooked. I made this pack for them and sent it to them, as well as a Tangram Fury game. I wanted to share some of my work with them to thank them for the fun they've shared with my family. I never heard back if they got it though. Hopefully so...

Tangram Fury Duck Commander Tangram Pack

This pack includes the following:
A flying duck, Willie's profile, a moose, an ATV, Jase's profile, a swimming duck, a fishing boat, a bow hunter, Jep's profile, a duck blind, disappointed hunter who missed the shot, Miss Kay's cooking jambalaya, Phil's thumbs up, Godwin's profile, Phil's profile, Si's profile, caught-a big fish, fishing at Judge's pond, Gathering for dinner, a white tail deer, the Duck Commander logo, Si's hunting pistol, A tent, a pine tree, a hunting rifle, caughta mouse, and sleeping in a sleeping bag.

Come to the Back Side

For clarity's sake, here's what the back side of each pack basically looks like. What you don't see is what's inside. Obviously, there's a 5" x 5" foam tangram puzzle, of the same type that is found in the Tangram Fury game. Also inside is a tangram puzzle sheet. One side of the sheet contains a series of puzzles to solve. The other side of the sheet contains interesting information and facts about tangrams. It's a souvenir, but also a simple introduction to the never-ending world of tangram puzzling. It's a taste of an ancient and alluring universe of thought, imagination, and experimentation with endless possibilities. What new puzzles or images can you tangram? Can you make a tangram puzzle of a well-known space ship, a super hero, a famous actor, a Hobbit? Who can say until you try?

Tangram Fury Comic Con Tangram Pack Back