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Tangram Fury Puzzle Game in action!

Tangram Fury has arrived!

Tangram Fury

View a quick video on how to play Tangram Fury.

Tangram Fury Game

Classic Edition
(4 puzzles):

Normally $29.99

Christmas Special:


Tangram Fury Deluxe Game

Deluxe Edition
(8 puzzles):

Normally $39.99

Christmas Special:


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"Excuse me...a moment...while I catch my...breath. OK, that's got it. Right! So how was the game? In a word: "awesome". In two words: "totally awesome". Tangram Fury not only delivered challenging fun but also a lot of heated competition, not to mention some silly "table talk". Every turn left one person feeling like a GAMING GOD and the rest like puzzle peasants. The range of emotions my little geeks felt pitched back and forth from exceedingly ecstatic to total frustration. In fact, my 7-year-old and 4-year-old got up and left the table several times but always came back for more when they cooled down.

Tangram Fury was also enjoyed as a solo game and my oldest little geek referred solo-play as "practicing". Even without the additional pressure to complete the image before other players, the Tangram puzzles can be downright difficult, but only if you use the "Expert" side of the image cards. I was stumped a number of times by an image and had to flip the card over to see how the image was built using the Tangram puzzle pieces. The pounding in my head from thinking so hard was only as half as bad as the pain from my wounded ego."
- Cyrus Kirby

Editor in Chief,

(Read the full review on the Father Geek site.)

"We got the game and our 1st and 3rd graders sit with and make the shapes, and our older kids and their friends play competitively for fun. Great game!"
- Tom N.

"Thanks for Tangram Fury. The kids love it, and play it daily. Although at times they do get overly competitive...they still come back to it over and over. Well done!"
- Emily G.

"Doug, we got the game. The kids love it. Great job!"
- Clark T.

"Thank you for your help with the expedited shipping of Tangram Fury. I trust it will be a big hit at Christmas and enjoyed for years to come."
- KB