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SLC FanX Con 2015

(Jump to the intro info about the Comic Con Tangram Packs by clicking here.)

SLC FanX 2015
Tangram Image SLC FanX 2015 Us

SLC FanX 2015

Building on the successes of 2014, they held SLC Fan Experience, or FanX. They decided to tone this con down and invite fewer celebrities and intentionally sell fewer tickets. It actually helped make it a more intimate and enjoyable experience. The last con really was too crowded, which took away some of the enjoyment of it.

We weren't able to get photos with everyone we met, but we were able to give each of the celebrities pictured on this page a FanX Tangram Pack. You can see that Carrie Fisher really liked hers. She has it on her lap and is giving Josh a big hug to say, "Thanks!"

We also gave Jess Harnell's agent a pack when we found out how much his son enjoys puzzles. That was a common theme, many of them said their kids would get a kick out of the puzzle games. Felicia Day was the only one we didn't get to personally hand a pack to, due to her long line. I was told by her assistant that she loves games and made sure to take it home with her.

Ray Park was the first one we gave a pack to and he was extremely gracious, offering Josh an autograph and asking if he could open it right there on the spot. He showed his agent the "Darth Maul" tangram I'd designed for him. Everyone was very open and fun to talk with.

Tangram Pack

This is a sample of the puzzles included in the tangram pack given out at SLC FanX 2015.

Tangram Image SLC FanX 2015 Pack
Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Christopher-Lloyd Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-BRANDON-ROUTH Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Ray-Park Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Matt-Smith-Billie-Piper-Karen-Gillan
Christopher Lloyd
Brandon Routh
Ray Park
Matt Smith, Billie Piper & Karen Gillan
Tangram Image SLC FanX 2015 Alaina Huffman of Stargate Atlantis Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Felicia-Day Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Glenn-Morshower Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Jess-Harnell
Alaina Huffman
Felicia Day
Glenn Morshower
Jess Harnell
Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Jim-Cummings Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Laurie-Holden Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Mark-Pellegrino Tangram Image SLC-FanX-2015-Anthony Michael Hall
Jim Cummings
Laurie Holden
Mark Pellegrino
Anthony Michael Hall
Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Nichelle-Nichols Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Ralph-Macchio Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Rob-Paulsen.JPG Tangram Image 2015-SLC-FanX-Tangram-Pack-Tom-Felton
Nichelle Nichols
Ralph Macchio
Rob Paulsen
Tom Felton