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The Daily Tangram

Today's Daily Tangram

To go to today's Daily Tangram, click here.

What is the Daily Tangram?

The Daily Tangram is a fun, free activity. Each Daily Tangram provides a silhoutted shape to challenge your tangramming skills. Beside the image is a Tangram Grid on which you should draw the shape. Each shape can be drawn with the traditional 7 tans of the ancient Chinese tangram puzzle.

Each Daily Tangram also includes the solution to the previous Daily Tangram.

The Daily Tangrams are designed for both those who are fluent with tangrams, and those who have never heard of them before. If you are new to tangrams, you would probably do well to read the complete Daily Tangram: Hints page. There's also a link to it below.

How Fast Can You Tangram?

Typically, you should be able to complete the Daily Tangram in less than five minutes. Expert level would be in under two. If you can complete it in less than a minute, then you must be some sort of uber tangram genius, especially if you're drawing it, rather than manipulating physical tans.

Tan Identifications

For those already familiar with the Daily Tangram Hints, here are the Tan Identifications. The 7 tans are identified as "T1" through "T7," for "Tan 1" through "Tan 7." The corners of each tan are identified as "C1" through "C3" or "C4," depending on the Tan. These stand for "Corner 1" through "Corner 3" or "Corner 4". The 7 tans are numbered from left to right. The corners are numbered from left to right progressing clockwise through the corners.

Daily Tangram: Tan Identifications

Click on the images to enlarge by linking to pages for downloading.

Daily Tangram: Hints Daily Tangram: Sampler
Daily Tangram: Hints

Daily Tangram: Sampler

Press Release

Read the Press Release here.

Tangram Fury: Tangram Puzzles

by NuFun Games

These foam tangram puzzles are approx. 1/4" thick and form a 5" square. These are the same puzzles used in the Tangram Fury game and the many Tangram Packs. They can be used to create all of the Daily Tangram puzzles as well as any tangrams depicted on this site, and thousands of other tangrams, including ones of your own design.

Three Colors to Choose From

Daily Tangram: Tangram Puzzle Red Daily Tangram: Tangram Puzzle Yellow Daily Tangram: Tangram Puzzle Green

Red Puzzle


Yellow Puzzle


Green Puzzle


Print-and-Cut Tangram

This print-and-cut tangram was designed for the Daily Tangram for those who want to cut it out and manipulate physical tans, rather than draw them. Or, the Daily Tangrammer can use these to experiment with before committing to put pen to paper. Either way, enjoy stretching your mind as you challenge your brain.

Click on the image to enlarge it by linking to a page for downloading it.

Activity Sheet: Print-and-Cut Tangram
Free Download: Print-and-Cut Tangram

Downloading Files

Free PDF versions of these handouts can be downloaded from the following Links:

Daily Tangram: Hints
Daily Tangram: Sampler
Daily Tangram: Print-and-Cut Tangram