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Mini Posters, Ads & Graphics

The following files can be downloaded and printed as "mini posters" or graphics to be used in conjunction with displays or other advertising. Click on any of the following images to jump to pages about those images, including links for downloading them. Or, to download the image now, just right-click on it and download.

Ad: Tangram Fury Shapes Ad Ad: Tangram Fury Enthusiasts Ad Ad: Tangram Fury Rules Ad
Tangram Fury Shapes Ad
This ad visually shows the concept of how a tangram is made up of 7 shapes that can be rearranged into many other shapes.

Tangram Fury Enthusiasts Ad
This ad shows famous people who actually played with or designed tangrams of their own.

Tangram Fury Rules Ad
This ad provides a description and the rules for the Tangram Fury game. It is the same info found in the insert sheets that ship with the game.

Flyer: What's a Tangram? Flyer: What's a Tangram? Graphic: Tangram Scroll
Flyer: What's a Tangram?
This flyer shows what tangrams are and provides points on why they're fun.

Flyer: Tangram Packs
This flyer shows several shapes with Tangram Packs that can be made with a single tangram puzzle.

Tangram Scroll Graphic
This graphic is a quickie summary of what a tangram is, while making it clear there isn't a known limit to the number of shapes a single puzzle set can make.

Downloading Files

PDF versions of these handouts can be downloaded from the following Links:

Ad: Tangram Shapes
Ad: Tangram Enthusiasts
Ad: Tangram Fury Rules
Graphic: Tangram Scroll
Flyer: What's a tangram?
Flyer: Tangram Fury Packs