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SLC FanX 2017

(Jump to the intro info about the Comic Con Tangram Packs by clicking here.)

SLC FanX 2017

The big news for SLC FanX 2017 was that Princess Bride stars Chris Sarandon and Cary Elwes were coming. Stan Lee was going to make his announced final appearance in Salt Lake, but unfortunately, couldn't make it.

A personal milestone at SLC FanX was my first attempt at hosting a booth. I'd been told to give it a try, and finally decided to do so. I created a series of tangram posters for the occasion. I felt that they needed more color than simply shadowy images, so as well as creating over 150 new tangram puzzles for the event, I also colorized them. Color brought them to life so much that I feared the black originals were suddenly drab in comparison.

It was a good learning experience. Had I sold two more games, I would have broken even.

The most amazing piece of feedback I got was when I gave Greg Grunberg a tangram pack and said that it included the "Lost Airplane" that I had tweeted earlier. He got excited and said that he'd seen it and shown it to JJ Abrams. He said JJ loved it, and loves all sorts of puzzles and things like that. I couldn't get over that JJ Abrams had seen and liked my tangram. I returned later and gave Greg two posters, one was my tribute to "Star Wars" and the other to "Star Trek." He had me sign them and asked if I was ok with his putting them on the wall for his show "Geeking Out." Absolutely cool by me!

Tangram Pack & FanX 2017 Exclusive Tangram Fury Book

This is a sample of the puzzles included in the tangram pack given out at SLC FanX 2017. I also produced the first Comic Con Exclusive Tangram Book for the show.

Tangram Image SLC FanX 2017 Pack Tangram Image SLC FanX 2017 Exclusive Tangram Book
Tangram Image SLC FanX Adrienne Wilkinson Tangram Image SLC FanX Amy Gumenick Tangram Image SLC FanX Brian Krause
Adrienne Wilkinson
Amy Gumenick
Brian Krause
Tangram Image FanX Chris Sarandon Tangram Image FanX Dule Hill & James Roday Tangram Image FanX Greg Grunberg
Chris Sarandon
Dule Hill & James Roday
Greg Grunberg
Tangram Image FanX Jason Momoa Tangram Image FanX Sam Jones Tangram Image FanX Sean Maguire
Jason Momoa
Sam J. Jones
Sean Maguire
Tangram Image FanX Verne Troyer Tangram Image FanX Wallace Shawn
Verne Troyer
Sam J. Jones
Tangram Image FanX Tangram Fury Booth
Doug's Tangram Booth