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Tangram Fury: Tangram Christmas Cards

by NuFun Games
Tangram Fury Tangram Nativity Christmas Cards

Tangram Fury: Tangram Christmas Cards aren't greeting cards. They're fun sets of Christmas-themed tangram cards. Each set has at least a dozen fun or interesting new tangram images. Choose from a traditional tribute to the sacred Nativity, to the bizarre choices someone's odd True Love provided on each "day of Christmas," to the whimsical images of Christmas elves doing what elves do best. Having trouble choosing? Why not give yourself a Christmas treat and collect all three!

Each card in the sets is dual-sided, just like in the Tangram Fury game. This means that the same image can be seen on both sides, BUT the image is different. The one side shows how the tangram is built. The other side shows only a silhouette of the image, so that tangram enthusiasts can see if they can figure out how to solve those images, before having the solution shown to them. As always, players can race the clock to see how quickly they can build the images, regardless of which version of the image they look at.

Tangram Fury Tangram Christmas Cards, Sample ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Tangram Christmas Card Sets

The following three sets of cards are now available. Below are photos of the front and back of each set.
Tangram Fury: Tangram Christmas Cards Nativity Set Tangram Fury: Tangram Christmas Cards 12 Tangrams of Christmas Set Tangram Fury: Tangram Christmas Cards Elf Set
This set includes 14 cards depicting images from the Nativity.

The Nativity


This set includes images depicting the 12 Days of Christmas.

The 12 Days Set


This set includes a dozen fun-loving elf cards, including Santa, his sleigh, and a reindeer.

The Elf Set



Want More Christmas Tangrams?

There are several Christmas tangrams available in the Tangram Packs. The images found in the above Tangram Christmas Card sets can be found in the Christmas-themed Tangram Packs. The Elf images are spread between both of the following packs. All of the Nativity images are in the Nativity Tangram Pack, and all of the 12 Days of Christmas images are in the 12 Days Tangram Pack.

Tangram Fury Christmas Nativity Tangram Pack Tangram Fury Christmas 12 Days Tangram Pack